come on your own

or bring a friend for support

or come as a group (up to 6 normally)

​usually for 2 hours on-the-water



guided weekend intensives at Dalyston making customised wooden Greenland and Aleut sticks and skin-on-frame kayaks


Dr Bob is an engaging speaker with over 40 years experience as an academic, church pastor, and sea kayak symposium speaker.  He has an entertaining ability to relate his sea kayaking expertise and understanding of it's Inuit origins to un-pack insightful and relevant metaphors for life.

kayak club talks

community and church talks

men's breakfast talks

​parents 4 kids talks

paddling skills for Greenland & Aleut sticks.  Rescue skills including Greenland rolling

guided trips

a seriously 'value added' opportunity to make your own paddle, understand it's origins, and learn how to use it

Dr Bob is an Australian Canoeing accredited 'enclosed waters sea kayaking instructor'

Powlett River

Cape Patterson

Anderson Inlet, Inverloch

San Remo & Phillip Island